Frequently Asked Questions To Cleaning Heights

Many of our customers have specific questions about our professional Cleaning services. Here are just a few of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) we hear at Cleaning Company.


General Questions

Cleaning services cost depends on the type of cleaning service required and how in-depth it is. For example, some homes require a lighter cleaning. Others may need our Deep Cleaning process due to its lack of cleanliness.

Our costs are priced based on the size of the task. Even the level of clutter, the presence of household pets, and how recently the place has been cleaned all have a bearing on the final cost. We sometimes provide online quotes as a basic guide. However, it’s better to use our in-home service (or to visit your for cleaning commercial premises) to obtain a full assessment.

We have a complete range of cleaning services depending on the different requirements of our customers. Within these, there are also things like a small house versus a bigger home that’ll require longer to clean. Our cleaning packages may be One-off appointments, Regular Cleaning ones, specialized carpet cleaning, Post-construction Cleaning, or even a Move-in Service where we clean a new home shortly before you arrive there.

There is also the possibility that you have a completely custom cleaning need that does not neatly fit into any existing service. Call us to talk about this and we’ll see how our team of professional cleaners can assist you.

Certain booking times are extremely popular. They fill up fast! Choosing a time that both avoids the most popular timeslots and falls outside of rush hour traffic times is best. This increases the likelihood that you’ll get the time slot wanted and avoid traffic delaying a cleaner’s arrival at your home (or commercial premises).

Typically, we use a time range, rather than an exact time for bookings. This allows for potential, unexpected traffic delays.

Of course! Our Customer Service team is happy to discuss any aspects of your cleaning service package. Should you need to make changes, we’ll do our best to accommodate them. We’d rather alter things to meet your expectations than work without all the useful information.

We do not use any of your supplies. Our cleaning team has all the eco-friendly cleaning solutions and well-maintained equipment needed to perform their duties. Wherever possible, cleaning solutions are free of harmful chemicals and use natural ingredients.

For deep cleaning and otherwise intensive cleaning packages, stronger cleaning solutions may be required to deliver the expected results.

Every effort is made to provide for continuity where the same cleaner visits each time. With that said, people do sometimes move on to other employment opportunities. It’s also possible they could be on vacation, on maternity/paternity leave, or otherwise unavailable. In these situations, another fully trained professional cleaner will be provided to complete the assignment to the same exacting standards.

We believe that our training and standards are the best in the industry. Our business is still not as large as some national or international chains, which allows us to innovate faster to changing market demands. Also, we offer custom cleaning solutions to adapt to what customers need when our regular packages don’t fit the bill.

Lastly, because we take the time to meet the customer in person, we get to know them better to understand their requirements. In so doing, this helps us to offer the right service for every customer.

The frequency of cleaning largely depends on the individual ordering the service. For people who are away at work and rarely spend time at home, then the cleaning frequency could be bi-weekly or slower. However, for most tenants or homeowners, a weekly cleaning schedule or twice a week will provide the level of consistent cleanliness desired.

Our cleaners provide a high-quality service to the people they serve. We take the view that we’re a hospitality company, rather than a cleaning company. They know that they provide a service to make people’s lives easier and better. And take significant pride in their work.

Our bookings can be changed whenever necessary. We do need to be advised the day before the appointment date to avoid a fee for late cancellation. A fee will be charged for last-minute changes made on the day of the booking.

Also, please bear in mind that choosing a different booking date and time is subject to availability. During busier periods, we might get booked up several days in advance. In which case, you may need to wait for the next available appointment.

We confirm bookings with an email. The email includes the appointment information, so it can be added to your calendar app or as a reminder in your To Do app. This way, you know when to expect our cleaning professional(s) to arrive.
Our payments are received electronically. Payments are made by our customers using a debit or credit card. This can be a personal card or a business one, depending on whether the cleaning service is for a home or a commercial premises. For larger sums, we may establish a hold on the card notifying the provider that we intend to charge the full sum later. After the cleaning appointment has been completed, then the correct amount is charged.
Presently, we cover the City of Toronto. Additionally, some areas of the Greater Toronto Area are served too. Our coverage area continues to expand. Please contact us if you live in Toronto and wish to confirm whether we support your area.

The number of cleaners depends on the size of the cleaning task. Following the initial assessment, usually in-home but sometimes over the phone, we’ll have a reasonable estimate of the expected hours of cleaning needed.

When a cleaning task is under 4-5 hours, we will send one cleaner to complete the work. Should a cleaning estimate fall between 5-10 hours, then two cleaners will come along. This reduces the workload per cleaner and lessens the on-site time for customers who are present at the time.

Occasionally, a cleaning task for an expansive property may require more than 10 hours of cleaning. For this, we’ll send an appropriately sized team to complete the cleaning in as small of a block of time as possible.

We do not pick up after your pets. Therefore, pet and human waste for that matter are not cleaned. Exterminators are needed for infestations; we don’t clean those. Any balconies that could be unsafe aren’t used. Cleaning exterior windows are not performed either (window cleaners are needed there). When there are clean sheets available, we will change the bedsheets for these.

We clean only the normally accessible areas. We will use a step stool to reach higher levels. Our cleaners do not get up on ladders due to the safety risks. Properties with high ceilings should be discussed via an in-house meeting or over email with photos supplied, so we can confirm what is/is not possible.

Some people prefer to be there, especially if one or more of the cleaners are people they’ve never met before. As a first-time customer, being present allows you to walk around the home pointing out what you require cleaning, including any particularly troublesome spots.

Our Service Promise confirms that we will resolve any cleaning issues that you feel we’ve missed or weren’t up to an acceptable standard. Our staff is vetted and well trained. A proper assessment of the necessary hours to perform the cleaning is required.

With too little information, the booked hours won’t always be sufficient. By meeting with the cleaner(s), they can confirm if they feel the work can be completed in the allotted time. After all, they’re the ones doing the work, so they’re in the best position to know.