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Cleaning Heights Toronto Deep Cleaning Services

While our regular cleaning or one-off cleaning is more than adequate for most homeowners/renters, sometimes it’s necessary to go further than this.

For homes that have changed ownership recently – perhaps they were sold at auction and untouched for many months – these need some serious TLC. This goes beyond our Move In service to clean a new home or new rental before moving in.

Deep Cleaning Gets into the Grime and Dirt Like Nothing Else

A standard surface-level cleaning won’t be enough to handle an excessive build-up of grime, dirt, and detritus. A deep cleaning appointment is needed.

It is far more involved, requires considerably more time, and gets to the bottom of many issues; seen and unseen. with our Deep Cleaning Service, we do what’s required to get the results that our customers demand in as planet-friendly a manner as possible.

Here Are Some Surprising Places Where We Clean:

  • Cabinets, Drawers, and Bedroom Closet Space These often-forgotten areas gather dust and debris over the years. They seldom get properly cleaned because that usually requires removing everything inside them to begin the process. And who has the time?!
  • Around kitchen Appliances Moving into a home where the old appliances have just been removed or they’re still in place and quite old, a lot can be lurking to their side, behind, and beneath them.
  • Baseboard Wiped Down Giving the baseboards a good clean is usually needed.
  • Inside Window & Window TreatmentsInside the windows, windowsills, and window blinds all need cleaning.
  • Wiping all Surfaces Using disinfectant and wiping down the collection of surfaces and countertops protects against virus and bacterial risks.
  • Walls Scrubbed Painted interior walls can become darker due to accumulated dirt. Scrubbing them can often return some of their brighter hues. And for parents, they’re also safer for little ones to plant their hands on too.
  • Furniture spruced up Any furniture can be cleaned and vacuumed where it’s positioned.
  • Floors Cleaned Floors are either vacuumed or get mopped and disinfected, depending.
  • Bathroom Refreshed Any bathrooms are cleaned from one end to the other to greatly improve the level of hygiene.

Does Your Home Need a Deep Clean from Cleaning Heights?

If it’s unclear whether your home requires a one-off cleaning or a deep cleaning, talk to one of our Customer Service representatives. If you have any photos of your home including the most troublesome spots, that will be a big help in confirming what’s needed.

Another approach is to ask for an in-home meeting. These are designed to establish what service is most appropriate, and for us, how many people and work hours will be needed to complete the service to the highest standard. Complete our Deep Cleaning Enquiry Form below and we’ll get in touch with you.

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