On-going Cleaning Service

On going Clening Services Toronto

On-going Cleaning Service

It’s a bit of a downer to return home only to be reminded that your home isn’t clean yet. If your recent weekends have been hectic and there isn’t much free time between work and the gym, or work and the kids, then it might be time for a positive change.

Wouldn’t it be better to get home and discover a home with clean carpets, mopped floors, disinfected surfaces, and a clean smell too? The idea of our Ongoing Cleaning service is to deliver cleaning excellence with our assistance. It’ll improve your home life without any extra effort involved.

Ongoing cleaning is different from a one-off booking. With a single booking, your home can be brought back up to a pleasant standard, but it won’t take many days or a week or two, and you’ll be back where you started.

Any lived-in home accumulates dust and hair that’s naturally shed from the body as a part of life. Dirt and debris tracked in from the outside are also a factor too. Only by regularly dusting, vacuuming, and taking the other necessary steps can cleanliness be maintained how you’d like it.

Here is what you can expect to be included in an ongoing service:

  • An organized cleaning service is a part of a standard routine.
  • Predictable visits based on regular appointments.
  • As often as possible, the same cleaners will attend the home (another team member when that’s not possible).
  • Friendly cleaners who can discuss your cleaning needs and ensure these are met after each appointment.
  • Vacuuming the floors and mopping tiled flooring
  • Surfaces are disinfected
  • Kitchen and Bathroom cleaned
  • Bed linen changed (where there is a clean replacement provided to the cleaner).

Schedule Cleaning Services by Cleaning Heights

Cleaning services can be scheduled using a frequency that you prefer. Some people feel the need for a weekly cleaning appointment, whereas others are fine with biweekly or even just once a month.

When owning multiple homes (or a holiday home) or not living full-time at the property, it’s not always necessary to clean every week.

Other customers prefer to perform a light clean themselves but follow up with a professional cleaning service every couple of weeks. This combination keeps their expenses down and the cleanliness at a reasonably consistent level (we pick up on things they either miss or don’t think of).

On- Going Cleaning Services by Cleaning Heights

Booking is as simple as completing the booking inquiry form below. We can then review the request, get in touch, and discuss it in more detail with you. While we ask that you specify the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, not everyone knows the approximate square footage of their home.

Sometimes photos or videos of the home’s interior are useful for deciding. Alternatively, an in-home visit might be needed with a walk-through determining the number of cleaning hours and personnel required to complete the cleaning task.

Complete our Ongoing Cleaning Enquiry form below and we’ll respond quickly to your request.

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