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Carpet & Rug Cleaning Service

Washing carpets is not as easy as it looks. Spills, dirt, and stains are tough to get out of. The crew at Cleaning Heights brings carpet cleaning to new levels of excellence.

No longer rely on surface-only carpet cleaning that fails to get deep down into the carpet fibers.

Our efficient Service removes bacteria and bugs that have made a home on your carpet. Return your flooring to a higher standard of hygiene.

While our professional House cleaners delivering a one-off cleaning service or a weekly one is extremely capable, some carpets don’t play nice.

While some carpets will benefit from a robust vacuum cleaner that lifts dust and pet dander from the carpet fibres, even deep down, that only does so much good.

Sometimes, carpets have been used for so long that they’ve become dirty. And when we say dirty, we mean the kind of ground-in, stepped-in dirt that won’t come out from vacuuming the carpet a couple of times a month.

Renew your carpeting with a professional carpet cleaning service instead of replacing it.

Renewing a carpet by using specialist carpet cleaning equipment is a special thing. It’s akin to washing the carpet, much the same way as we shampoo our hair, to get the carpet fibres hygienic again.

This applies even to hypoallergenic carpets because while bacteria-resident, they get unclean with time like any other type.

Specialist Carpet Cleaners from Cleaning Heights

The carpet cleaning service provided by Cleaning Heights is more intense than vacuuming alone. Carpets are cleaned and need to be allowed to dry. Usually, being present and airing out each room is helpful for them to dry more quickly.

While it’s possible just to use strong, commercial-grade vacuums, this still won’t do as much as a separate carpet cleaning service.

Older Carpeting Not Supported

There are some limits to professional carpet cleaning.

For instance, some carpets are so dirty and old that the results would be too uncertain. The carpet fibres may not stand up to the strength of the cleaning process.

Also, carpets which are already threadbare in places or starting to become patchy aren’t suitable for carpet cleaning. It will destroy the carpet because it’s lost too much integrity to withstand it. At this point, the only thing to do is to replace the carpet with a new one.

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