Post Renovation & Post Construction Cleaning Service

Post Renovation & Post Construction Cleaning

Post Construction & Renovation Cleaning Service

Any construction work in a home – whether to add an extra room as an extension or something smaller – is messy. It creates an incredible amount of dust in the air, wood shavings, and other remnants that you’ll be finding for months on end. 

"Survive after construction or renovation work by getting the living space professionally cleaned"

The same is true of home renovations, whether doing them yourself or hiring in some help. Scraping the plaster off the wall before replastering it and then painting it, along with other renovation work, creates an awful mess!

In both situations, it can be the straw that broke the camel’s back to clean up after contractors or frankly, yourself after a long project. If you have a partner, they’re unlikely to want to help because they too are exhausted by what it took to get this far. 

Get Help When It’s Needed from Cleaning Heights

Hiring professional cleaners like the ones from Cleaning Heights is the answer. We’re experienced in dealing with the post-construction or post-renovation mess! We know where to look for dust particles, plaster scrapings, and the like.

Cleaning up after either a renovation or construction work is no joke. Having a keen eye for detail is necessary to spot everything visible, even in the corners and down the side of flooring as it connects to a supporting wall.

Our professional cleaning in post-construction or post-renovation work includes:

  • Cleaning the Kitchen & Bathroom Time spent bringing these areas into hygienic, clean-living spaces to bathe and cook, respectively.
  • Flooring Gets the Cleaning Heights’ Treatment All floors, carpeted or tiled, get vacuumed or mopped, as required. For especially dirty carpeting, we also have a specialized carpet cleaning service that uses dedicated equipment for high-level results.
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