One Time Cleaning

One Time Cleaning Service

Do you feel like you never have the spare time to clean your home? Or are you out on the town living life and just don’t feel like doing it after a series of late nights?

When you have skipped the cleaning chores for a few weekends, you’ll have a messy, increasingly dirty home. At a certain stage, this will become overwhelming. Where do you start? What do you tackle next? What supplies will you require and how much of your weekend must you sacrifice?

What we say here at Cleaning Heights is that you don’t need to sacrifice at all. Instead, order up a one-time cleaning service from a House cleaning professional in Toronto. We have plenty of fully trained people on staff who’ve seen it all before and know what your place needs to bring it back up to a high standard of cleanliness.

Alternatively, maybe you had a house party and the amount of cleanup now required means you need some help.

Either way, we are here to help resolve this problem. We can clean, vacuum, dust, scrub, and wipe down all the surfaces and floors. If dishes are needing to be loaded into an empty dishwasher, we can do that too, so they’re clean and sparkling upon your return.

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  • Small TaskOne-time cleaning can be small cleaning tasks or huge ones. It all depends on how large of a home you’ve got and frankly, how wrecked it is. If dinner or party guests made a mess, we’ll need to assess how many hours and the number of cleaners required to complete the work.
  • Clean Full HouseFor one-time cleaning, just asking for the number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, and the square footage of the home is insufficient. It’s always best to have an in-home meeting to tour the home and get a clear indication of how bad things are. This is especially useful compared to regular, ongoing cleaning on a rota system where the week-to-week cleaning involved is far more predictable.
  • SatisfactionComplete our Customer Enquiry Form below to provide some information about the one-time cleaning booking needed. We’ll then get in touch to discuss it more with you.
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