Apartment & Condo Cleaning

Apartment & Condo Cleaning Service

Apartment or condo owners can find it difficult to maintain their homes. If you’re like this because you’re busy at work all week, there’s precious little time to keep everything clean and tidy.

Our specialized Apartment and Condo Cleaning Service is designed to get in, clean, mop, and even change the sheets for clean ones, and then get out without you noticing. Our service lets you live a full life in the city.

Whether your home in the clouds is a compact studio or one-bedroom, or perhaps it is a multi-level condo to die for, it still requires time to clean.

Many apartment owners don’t have families yet and are on the younger side too. Leading an active life while young enough to do it has its advantages. But it doesn’t leave much downtime to keep up with the chores!

Don’t worry about it. Let our experienced team of cleaners come to your condo or apartment building and perform cleaning miracles for you.

What Types of Cleaning Do do We Perform In Apartments & Condo?

We get into the kitchen and give it a proper cleaning. The sink, countertops, and cooking range top get cleaned and disinfected. The floor is usually tiled, so it’s mopped to remove any dirt and food particles from it.

Our professional cleaning team goes around the apartment or condo and uses a microfibre cloth to collect any dust on the surfaces. A disinfecting spray also removes potential bacteria or viruses too.

All the other floors besides the kitchen are either vacuumed or mopped, respectively. Doing so refreshes the fibers in the carpeting and removes any surface grime from between floor tiles too.

Also, we will change the bedsheets to a clean new set if one is provided.

Complete our inquiry form below with the necessary information. We’ll get in touch with you to discuss any specific needs or unusual requests.

Note: We may decide it is best to visit for an in-home meeting to check what’s required. However, most condos or apartments do not require this when they’re a regular size and lack any special cleaning requests.

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