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"We Save You Time To Live a Happier Life"

Every home is unique. Even when we’re cleaning inside commercial buildings, they’re all one of a kind too. Being attentive to the smallest things, we’re adept at cleaning to the highest standard. While homes have different dimensions and features, our team of professional cleaners is multi-skilled and capable of adapting processes to meet any cleaning challenge.

As a smaller business, we update our procedures to reflect new customer requests and what we learn from each appointment. This allows the entire team at Cleaning Heights to continually learn, adapt, and improve. With this approach, our service has the best opportunity to impress our customers.

We keep every appointment with our customers. We also don’t just show up unexpectedly either.

Starting Fresh

We know most of our customers are inundated with tasks. Whether they work from home and don’t have much free time, or their “honey-do list” never seems to shrink, offloading any tasks is a blessing.

Whether you’ve fallen behind on the cleaning chores or just need a break from them, we’re here to help. Our Service Promise means that we’ll clean properly on your behalf, and if you’re not completely happy, we’ll return to discuss it, and remedy the situation to your satisfaction.

Cleaning process of cleaning heights

Attention to Detail

Even if you’re attention is elsewhere, our cleaner’s attention is on getting busy creating a clean place to live or work. This removes any germs or bacteria present in the home, which is great for adults but even better for susceptible children too.

Air quality is also improved after clearing the dust away and airing out the home to get some fresh air circulating again. The use of microfiber wiping materials is excellent at collecting dust particles. We find them indispensable. Also, our vacuums suck up more dust, stray hairs, dirt, and debris accumulated inside the home too.

Especially for anyone with allergies or asthma, a thorough cleaning can help immensely and improve their daily lives.

Our Approach to Cleaning

The more clarity we have about what’s needed, including areas or rooms requiring special attention, the better.

Our cleaning staff can visit when you’re not home to complete their work. This applies if they have clarity on exacting what’s to be cleaned and how long it’ll take. For regular weekly cleaning bookings, this is usually fine.

With one-off cleaning or other new appointments, it’s always best to visit and confirm what’s required. This way, the cleaners know what they’ll need to bring to complete the work to the highest possible standard.

home cleaning kit by cleaning heights

Our cleaning kit includes:

  • Colourized microfiber clothes – Hypoallergenic, harmless to surfaces that scratch easily, and capable of catching almost all unwanted particles. One cloth for each living space to prevent cross-contamination issues.
  • Strong disinfectant solutions Effective cleaning methods using disinfectants that kill viruses and remove bacteria.
  • Eco-friendly products Cleaning solutions that are harmless to humans or pets and are kind to the planet. The products used also are effective in disinfecting surfaces to protect against Covid-19 risks.
  • Excellent vacuum cleaners Powerful vacuums that collect more dirt and accumulated dust than smaller models deliver. 

Service Packages

Look at our range of cleaning services available for residential addresses and at business premises too. We have regular and deep cleaning options. Also, other cleaning services In Toronto are tailored to moving into a new home, including carpet cleaning, specialist condo cleaning, and various commercial cleaning services too.