Weekly, bi-weekly, 4-weekly Cleaning

Weekly, bi-weekly, 4-weekly Cleaning Services

Weekly, bi-weekly, 4-weekly Cleaning Service

Constantly falling behind on cleaning chores at home? Don’t want to lose the weekend to catch up? Cleaning Heights of Toronto is here to assist you.

Maintain the cleanliness of your home by relying on our cleaning services. They’re available every week, two weeks, or every 4 weeks. We have a schedule to match your needs. Our staff takes the effort out of keeping your home spotless.

Busy people don’t always have time to dust, sweep, and vacuum the floors in their homes. If the list of weekend tasks already feels like a second job, then getting help for some of these chores is optimal.

The idea with our regular cleaning service is that it provides a predictable schedule that our customers feel comfortable with. Sometimes, the schedule is weekly, other times every other week, and occasionally it might be longer, such as every 4 weeks or per calendar month.

It’s also possible that you would prefer a custom schedule – perhaps twice a week – if you’re a little on the OCD side of the scale.

Is there any difference between weekly, bi-weekly, and 4-weekly cleaning services?

From the perspective of the service that we provide, not much is different. What we would say is that the time it takes to complete a bi-weekly or 4-weekly professional cleaning is going to be substantially more than when completed more regularly.

Because less regular cleaning requires longer to complete, we may have two or even three cleaners attend your home to clean it.

We operate on the basis that when more than 5 hours but fewer than 10 hours are required for cleaning, then two cleaners will be sent. For smaller tasks, only one cleaner is needed and for longer than 10 hours, several cleaners are likely required.

This is done to speed up the completion of the cleaning appointment and avoid it extending into a second day.

Should you book a more frequent regular cleaning service?

It’s entirely up to you.

We would certainly point out that infrequent cleaning, if not supplemented with some personal home cleaning yourself, will reduce the cleanliness of your home.

Essentially, the lower frequency can lead to a situation where you’re initially delighted after the cleaners have finished but become less and less satisfied with your home as the weeks drag on between appointments.

The above situation would indicate that the cleaning frequency isn’t satisfactory to you and should be increased.

What is cleaned during a regular cleaning?

  • KitchenThe kitchen floor, surfaces, sink, and appliances exteriors are cleaned, wiped down, mopped, and thoroughly disinfected. The idea is to remove any food remanence and potential lingering bacteria.
  • BathroomsAll bathrooms and toilets are cleaned, disinfected, and made hygienic again.
  • FloorsThe floors throughout the home are vacuumed or mopped. This collects foreign objects and dust in the carpet fibres and disinfects tiled floors like those found in the kitchen or bathroom areas.
  • DisinfectionPlaces in the home that are regularly touched are disinfected. This helps to remove lingering viruses that could be subsequently acquired or transferred through touching surfaces.

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