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Balcony Cleaning Service

Balcony Cleaning Toronto

“Balcony a mess? Don’t have time to clean it? Ask our team to do it.”

The balconies are the last thing that anyone has time to clean. If spending most of your time at work, and a few hours indoors, it’s easy to overlook the balcony cleaning.

Alternatively, if you’ve been away for a while or external building work has recently been completed, any outside living spaces will be messier than they’ve ever been before.

We can help with that.

Balconies Are Messier Than You’d Think

Balconies pick up so much of what’s blowing around outside. Dirt carried on the wind, debris from adjacent streets or building sites, and plenty of leaves in autumn too. When left unchecked, the side walls, sliding doors, floor, safety railing or glass barrier, and furnishings all get covered.

Just running a broom or a vacuum over the floor is going to be insufficient. Dirt will get everywhere in outdoor living spaces. That’s especially true if it is an apartment building where the balcony faces out to the street, rather than a balcony to the rear of a house with trees providing some protection from high winds too. 

How We Clean Balcony Areas

Our team of professional House cleaners offers balcony cleaning Toronto area detailed from top to bottom:

  • Floor – The balcony floor is cleaned to remove all unwanted remnants from it.
  • Furnishings – The seating or tables are wiped down and disinfected.
  • Balcony rail or barrier – The safety barrier is wiped down to remove any layer of dirt or dust that’s built up.
  • Sliding door – Any sliding or other type of door that opens out to the balcony is cleaned. 

Note: Our staff will always remain safe while performing balcony cleaning. Therefore, they do not lean on safety railings or climb up creating a potentially unsafe situation for them. Because of this, our service is limited to what our cleaners can safely reach.

What Cleaning Supplies We Use

We use eco-friendly cleaning solutions that are non-abrasive and not harmful to the planet.

Microfiber cloths allow us to wipe down surfaces. We use color-coded ones to avoid cross-contaminating different living spaces. In this case, we’ll use a different colored microfiber cloth for each balcony, because they may be connected to different bedrooms or shared living areas. 

Disinfecting sprays remove any germs or bacteria that are lingering silently. These are eco-friendly too.

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